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Shanghai JNL Industry Co., Ltd.

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Thermocouple Wire, Compensating Cable, Resistance Heating Wire Manufacturer in China

JNL Industry Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of metal wires and tapes. Our wide range of products is divided comprehensively into the following categories. This product series includes the thermocouple wire, resistance heating wire, and various ultra-thin alloy tape materials. We utilize specialized equipment to achieve vacuum smelting, argon annealing oxidation, as well as continuous hydrogen annealing drawing, polishing, and straightening. We have established a highly specialized testing center for the precise benchmarking of material properties such as resistance, tensile strength, and electric potential.

    1. Thermocouple Wire
    2. Thermocouple WireThe thermocouple wire is the metal or alloy wire used for forming the two hot electrodes of thermocouple or compensating cable. Produced according to the IEC or ...
    1. Thermocouple Cable The thermocouple cable is a pair of conducting wire covered with insulating layer having the same nominal value with thermal electromotive force of the ...
    1. Resistance Heating Wire
    2. Resistance Heating WireBy using the material involving pure nickel, chromel alloy, Fe-Cr-Al alloy and copper nickel alloy, the resistance heating wire is produced through the ...
    1. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, CCA Wire
    2. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, CCA WireThe copper clad aluminum wire exploits advanced cladding welding manufacturing technology. The high quality copper strip is clad onto the outer surface of ...
    1. Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar, CCA Busbar
    2. Copper Clad Aluminum Busbar, CCA BusbarBased on the leading cladding welding manufacturing technology, the copper clad aluminum busbar is made by...
    1. Magnet Wire
    2. Magnet WireAlso known as winding wire, the magnet wire is the insulated line used for making the coil or winding of the electrical equipment.
    1. Nickel Tape
    2. Nickel TapeOur ultra-thin nickel tape is produced by utilizing the nickel plate with the purity of 99.99% as the raw material. After a series of processes containing ...
    1. Copper Tape
    2. Copper TapeWe take usage of the top grade thick pure copper strip to produce the premium ultra-thin copper tape with high precision through several times of annealing...

Conductive Wires
We offer a large selection of conductive mediums including the copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire, fiberglass enameled wire, paper covered wire, and more. These products are mainly applied in the making of electromagnetic coils. The CCA wire/busbar can effectively replace pure copper wire or strip as the electric conductor for wires, cables, distribution boxes, converting stations, etc.

Wire & Tape
JNL stainless steel and hot dip galvanized wire/tape are applicable for the crafting of wire mesh as well as cable armor and shielding. These versatile materials are also utilized for purposes such as construction and packaging.

As a trusted alloy brand, we are dedicated to maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. 20 years in the industry has allowed us to perfect our craft, providing clients with professionally made thermocouple wire, compensating cable, and other products. We are headquartered in Shanghai and enjoy convenient transportation options. Smelting is done in a modernized processing facility in the neighboring province of Jiangsu, effectively lowering production costs. At our disposal are the biggest airport in China, the largest seaport in Asia, and a highly advanced logistic system. Deliveries are made in the most direct routes, providing clients with significant savings.

The integrity of our products is ensured via a fully featured quality assurance system. We have a professional staff that consists of experienced engineers and technicians. Our advanced production equipment allows for the completion of procedures such as vacuum smelting, annealing, wire drawing, and cutting. These precision operations are under constant supervision to ensure the performance and stability of finished products. Each stage of the manufacturing cycle is strictly regulated, especially in terms of chemical and physical composition.

JNL products are approved by SGS and all other relevant international testing organizations. Hassle-free compensation is provided for any quality related issues that are found with our products. For more than 2 decades, we have maintained healthy business relations with clients in America, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey, Peru, India, and Dubai, among other countries and regions.